Experience attention to detail.

You can hold us to a higher standard as we care for your landscape. We always take our time, ensuring your home and garden receive the attention they deserve.

Expect white-glove service.

From the moment you sign on the dotted line, a dedicated account manager will coordinate every facet of your experience.

Customize with additional services.

While our core maintenance package ensures your landscape thrives, you may also select complementary services to further elevate your property.

Core maintenance package

A complete suite of services.

All Prairie Blue clients have access to our core maintenance package. A suite of add-on services is available to help your landscape reach its full potential.

Spring Cleanup

  • Clean up winter debris
  • Cut back perennials and ornamental grasses
  • Prune woody perennial flowers and plants
  • Care for roses
  • Tidy up evergreens
  • Edge garden beds

Weekly Visits

  • Mowing and trimming of turf areas
  • Cleaning of hard surfaces
  • Deadheading of faded perennial flowers
  • Pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs at the appropriate time
  • Pruning of hedges for uniform growth
  • Tending to annuals and seasonal rotations

Fall Cleanup

  • Leaf and debris removal
  • Cutback perennials as needed
  • Protect roses
  • Winterization of water features
  • Storage of containers and accessories as needed
Additional services

Add-on services for every season.

  • Lawn overseeding and aeration
  • Mulching of garden beds
  • Power-washing and hardscape maintenance
  • Winter decor
  • Seasonal rotations — spring, summer and fall
  • Planting and tending of vegetable gardens
  • Planting bulbs
Landscape Enhancements

Expand or refine your landscape.

White-glove maintenance clients have priority access to our design team to make improvements to an existing landscape or recently completed project. Speak with your account manager to learn more.

For over a decade we’ve used Prairie Blue for both design and landscape maintenance and couldn’t be happier with them.

- Glencoe Resident

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